Discover Your Target Market & Ideal Client

Getting Started in 10X
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To Find your Life’s Purpose, get a journal and write down your answers:

  1. Who do you want to be a hero to?
  2. What pain do you want to heal in the world?
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1. Don’t be everything to all people.

Focus on 1 Target Market.

2. Avatar

Your Ideal Client. You should understand the fears and desires better than he or she does.

  • 1 Person
  • 1 Problem
  • 1 Promise

3. Ask Yourself…

Can you help them?

Can they pay you?

Do you like them?

4. Send this email to 20 of the closest people in your life:

Hey (First Name),

I have a strange favor to ask you.  I’m reading a book about a concept called Unique Ability.  It’s based on the idea that everyone has a unique set of talents, interests, and capabilities that they’re passionate about and that can be used to create a lot of value in the world.

I’m trying to find out what mine is.  So, because I value your opinion, I was wondering if you could think about this question and send me back an answer.

“What do you see as my unique abilities?”

My unique ability includes my talent and abilities, characteristics that describe me, what I’m good at, how I do things, what you count on me for, and any other distinguishing features you see about who I am.

It would really help me out if you could get back to me with any thought you might have on this.

Thanks so much! 🙂