Getting Leads from Market Research Posts

Getting Started in 10X
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How a series of Market Research posts got me 30 leads in 1 week off my social media!

1) Watch the video and model the Market Research template:

  • TIME

Model this template and post on ALL your social media & groups where your target clients reside.

Ask the group admin if the post is OK.

Most will approve since its Market Research. 🙂


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2) As soon as they agree on the call, ask them these questions to gather data and get to the root of their pain:

D.I.C.T.A.T.E. where the conversation goes.

Below are some examples of questions to ask your prospects in order to find out where their pain is:

D (Details) “Interesting, can you tell me more about that?”

I (Interval) “How long has this problem been going on for you?”

C (Cost) “How much has this cost you? I mean personally?”

T (Try & Fix) “What steps have you taken to try to fix this problem?”

A (in-Action) “Do you mind if I ask you what happens if you don’t fix this?”

T (Talk less) Try and keep them talking 80% of the time and you 20% of the time. Ask short questions like, “May I ask, why?”

E (Emotions) “What kind of aggravation has this caused you?”