email marketing workshop

1. Watch the Email Marketing Workshop

2. Download Chris Orzechowski’s 12 Money Making Email Formulas

Bonus Download: High-Converting 8- Email Autoresponder Template

Lead Attraction Email Templates

1.  Listen to the Lead Attraction Audio

2.  Copy & paste these email scripts.  Send them out and attract those leads!

Massive Response Emails

Subject line: FIRST NAME

  • Are you still looking to lose weight?
  • Just curious, what are you struggling with most when it comes to fitness?
  • Are you looking to lose weight or build muscle?

Reactivate Old Leads

  • Hey (FIRST NAME), I ran into your friend (NAME) on the street today and we started to chat about you. If you have a sec, I’d love a bit of an update of how you’re doing?
  • Hey (FIRST NAME), I was just thinking about you today and figured that I’d send a quick email to see how you are doing?
  • Hey (FIRST NAME), I came across this great article on intermittent fasting and immediately thought of you. I thought that you would be interested as it’s a bit of a different take on the subject. Looking forward to hearing from you.
  • Find an article on whatever they were interested in on the Internet and pass it along saying that you “just came across it”. It’s a nice way to connect with an old lead.

After Some Small Talk

  • Cool, what are you doing for your fitness nowadays?
  • Gotcha, what are your current goals?
  • What do you need support with most?

After you went back/forth a few times and peaked their interest:

  • I would be happy to jump on a quick 10 min call to answer any questions and to see if or how I can help you.  Would you be up for that?

If They Don’t Respond

Fortune is in the Follow-up!

  • Hey did you get my last message?

When they answer you again, get them on the phone as quickly as possible.

The response will either be a straight response to your question or they will ask you a different question.

Below are emails to use for either scenario.

  • Great question and I’d love to help but it’s much easier to discuss on the phone. 
  • When are you avail for a quick 10 min chat?

The 2nd email where you offer a link can be replaced with either:

  • Let’s hop on a phone call right now. My number is _____
  • I’m free the following times today and tomorrow for a quick talk. Which one works for you?