21 Day Video Leads Challenge

1. Watch the Workshop: Setting Up Your 21 Day Free Lead Video Series

2. Follow the steps on this PDF: 21 Day Video Challenge PDF 


Here is the exact post I made a few years ago on Facebook to fill up a 30-day challenge, which evolved into “A BETTER ME PROGRAM” . Many of the challengers got so much value that they became paying online clients. Feel free to copy every part of it.

(Attach a photo that shows PROOF of your results)

I’m looking for 20 people to test out a New Fat Loss and Body Transformation Program that I’ve created.

There is NO COST to this program, except for you to follow it 100% and to share your results with me.

You’ll get Nutrition Plans and all the tools you need to succeed.

You must be injury-free and willing to improve both your Body and Mind.

It involves cutting-edge mental fitness strategies, so it requires an open mind for it to work optimally.

I’ve gotten amazing results with this transformation program and I want to see how much it can help others achieve similar results.

There’s no need to be in NYC either, you can follow the program anywhere in the world.

(All you need is an Iphone or Android phone with an internet connection.)

It’s a 30-Day Transformation Program that starts on March 1st.

You have to be willing to Lose at least 15 lbs and have to commit 30 mins a day for 1 month.

“Like” this post to Apply for one of the Free Tester Spots!

I will send you a short message with the details.

What I did for this challenge: I sent a short daily email and used PT Distinction to track for 30 days.

Those 30 daily emails got changed into 30 weekly emails (just changed day 1 to week 1 etc) and it became my 6 month ABM program.