1. Create a free group on Facebook on your topic and start putting great content into the group. Add your closest friends, family and clients to at least have 20-100 peeps. If you have a Free Group already, Go go step 2!

2. Invite people into the group and incentivize them to bring friends who are into the topic as well. For instance, have a contest for a month of free coaching for you… the task in the contest would be people helping you grow the group – the prize would be your program.

Example. Use this pic/model this text.

I’m so Grateful to have you in my group! I want more people like You in Here. If you add 10 of your friends, I will coach you for Free with my 21 day program and help you lose 10lbs for free! DM me after you invite 10 of your friends and we will kick off your FREE coaching!

    • You want to do this type of promotion every week.
    • Incentivize with free coaching, online gift cards, books, pretty much anything your target market values.
    • Ask your self, what are 100 warm referrals worth to you?