The Art of Sell By Chat:
Best Way to Warm Followers Up & Make Sales Through Messages/Texts!

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Watch the video & Implement the COPY/PASTE Templates Below:

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Sell By Chat Session
Review Online SuperCoach DM Script

Great opening message that works for us:

  • Hey what type of clients do you coach?
  • What type of clients do you work with?

Ask people for Instagram Handle to move convo in General Inbox (avoids FB messenger since many messages get stuck in Spam folder)

Easier to sell by chat on Instagram

Test out different OPENERS, Make sure you have a CALL TO ACTION On your FB/Instagram BIO

See who they Follow on Instagram, mention how you know them in Common.

Use their name consistently in the messages!

Make it feel like a personal experience.

Review my IG to see how I can improve yours:


Take your time to build the relationship, the longer the better = stretch it out over multiple days

If there is a tough question. Ask me to send a Personal voice note for you!

Show lots of Appreciation


Support! ♥️

Do your best to Track the progress of all the leads on an Excel form.

Follow Up Strategies:

Use these messages:

  • Hey checking in?
  • Hey did you get my last message?
  • Hey are you still interested in xxxxx (result?)

1 month after convo dies

  • DM them a Relevant Podcast that is aligned with their goal.

2 months after convo dies: check in

  • Hey just checking in to see how you’re doing?
  • Have you solved that problem we chatted about?

If they still aren’t interested:

  • Be cool! Show them that you care, and are not interested in only the SALE!

Great questions to use on the call:

  • Why is that important to you?
  • You said the price is too high, what does that mean?
  • What can YOU do to resolve this financial issue?
  • Where do you have hidden money for this? (Can YOU think of other ways
    to come up with the finances)
  • How Much is this problem costing you not to fix it?
  • How long are you going to suffer like this?
  • What’s next then?
  • If we were to meet a Year from now, what would your ideal situation look like?
  • What do YOU feel is missing in your life in order to accomplish this?
    (let them tell you, what they NEED)
  • Well great that’s exactly what I do……(mirror their own solution)-
    when do you want to put this action plan you told me you
    NEED in place?