6-figure text message strategy

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“Hey [First Name], just checking in… Do you need anything from me today?”

“Quick question. Are you still looking to lose weight?” (or whatever result you create)

“[First Name], I have an idea about how you can grow your business, lose weight, get healthy, (or whatever value you provide, insert it here)“.

“Watch this short video and it will explain what I’m talking about.”

You take your phone and record personal messages to people. The first video is simple, click record and here’s an example:

“Hey, this is AJ Mihrzad and we met at the Marketing Conference. While we were there, we talked about how to access more people, how to increase your visibility and how to (whatever you do, how to do this.) I’m following up with you because I’ve got two ideas that I know can help you grow your business. If you’re interested, what I’m going to do is give you a strategy that you can use to engage an audience very, very quickly. That’s the first one. The second one is an idea on how you can get (whatever result that you talked about). If you want to know more, just respond. Say ‘Yes’ and I’ll send you a little more information.”

The following video then, is simply telling them about what it is.

Then, if they say, “Yeah, I want to know more”, set up a call with them and use the Super Sales Script!

7 powerful words. “Are you ready to start working together?”