How to Transition Away from Brick and Mortar

How to Transition Away from Brick and Mortar
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We’re called “Online” SuperCoach for a reason, and that’s because we’re here to help you transition away from traditional in-person coaching to an online business model. That sounds great, but how do you go about doing it? Today we’ll discuss a tip to help you get started.

As a first step, it’s time to update your social media accounts and make sure that they clearly state what it is you do. “Fitness Coach” is just a title, it doesn’t tell people what you actually help people accomplish. If you’re a weight loss specialist, you need your profiles to clearly say it. Do you work with athletes that are looking to gain a competitive edge? Again, make sure you’re communicating that clearly. You don’t have to immediately establish a “brand”, as your online coaching business can evolve a lot in the early days and your initial brand identity might wind up being a poor fit for what your business becomes.

So just make sure that your profiles clearly state what you do, and more specifically, what results someone can expect from working with you. “I help people lose weight” is better than “Fitness Coach”, but think of how you could take it further: How much weight can you help someone lose, and in how much time? “I can help you lose 20lbs in two months” is a concrete example of what you can help someone do and makes for a more compelling introduction. What you offer exactly will vary depending on your skills and your target audience, but you want to set an expectation beyond just a vague fitness goal. It’ll also help you make sure you don’t spin your wheels talking to people who aren’t actually a good fit for the service you’re offering. Don’t worry, even as a specialist there will be plenty of people looking for your services and who will be willing to pay for your expertise.

This is just the beginning of turning your brick-and-mortar fitness practice into an online business that will earn you more than six figures. Online SuperCoach is here to help you go the rest of the way with proven methods for creating sustainable, successful online coaching businesses.

-Dennison Silvio
Online Supercoach