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       For the past 8 years, Jason Capital has been obsessed with discovering what is the ONE THING that makes the difference in people’s lives? Think about it..

      What is it that allows some people to get everything they want and have everything they touch turn into gold? Yet everyone else can try the same things, read the same books, work just as hard yet... they can never breakthrough?

      Not long ago, Jason was sleeping in a basement, with no money, no friends, and no purpose. He wasn't "supposed" to go from 0 to millionaire in only 9 months, or be named a Top 100 Entrepreneur by the White House. But he found something most people never will...

      His experience today coaching World Champions, CEO's, and more than 195,0000 people worldwide to breakthrough their barriers and conquer their destiny too has shown us the answer is tantalizingly simple:

      Every winner on the planet has one thing in common:
      They are HIGH-STATUS.

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