Keara 500

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      There was a woman with big dreams and big challenges. That woman was Keara Palmay. In fact, every business she started emerged from a desire to solve her own problems. She first became a Health Coach after surviving cancer. To increase her strength, she became a Personal Trainer. She became exhausted with her lifestyle, so she offered to help her friend grow his successful online consulting business.

      Coaching was fun, but she noticed that most of their clients were crippled by the fear of failure. She noticed that she was, too. She became so fascinated by human psychology that she started working as a Results Coach for the master of human psychology himself, Tony Robbins. She was telling her clients to live their dreams--meanwhile, she was in debt, living at home with her mom, and was afraid to start her own coaching business because she didn't know if she could make it work.

      So she made dramatic changes, fast. The first thing she did was hire an expensive business mentor. She earned six figures within the first four months of opening her own consulting business. She now teaches other coaches how to attract clients consistently following her 4-step framework, CASH.

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