Keyen Lage is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Entrepreneur, Performance Coach and International Public Speaker who has been able to turn his negative situation into a positive outcome.

After almost becoming paralyzed during a football injury in the Na Football League, Keyen was able to start his new journey by looking at life from a completely new perspective. He dove head first into understanding what it actually means to be healthy from the inside out.

Since making that decision, Keyen has personally worked with over 300 people on creating a healthy mind and body so people are able to regain a deeper connection with themselves and find more fulfillment in their lives. Keyen has worked with World-Class Fitness Models, Professional Athletes, Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs, & C-List Executives. Keyen works with people all over the world on being able to remove mental, emotional, & physical blockages that are preventing them from reaching their full potential.

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