Most 10x-ers use Evolution Nutrition to create customized meal plans for their clients.

Reasons why we love it:

It leverages time: simply plug in client info, their goals, and their daily activity, and the system generates meal plans for you. Browse through them and pick your favorite.

There are plenty of options: whatever lifestyle plan your client follows (if any), there are meal plans to support them. There are paleo meal plans, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian, and many more.

Client has control: the client can oversee their meal plan and swap any food they dislike. The system automatically updates the serving size allowed for each swap in order to keep the client within their caloric needs.

You have control: the trainer can make any swaps he or she wants before sending the plan to the client.

It automatically generates a shopping list.

It’s easily accessible via smartphone or computer.

Keara created this video to send to her clients. Feel free to watch it and also send it to your clients once you get set up with Evolution Nutrition.

When you get Evolution Nutrition, feel free to share this link with your clients: https://youtu.be/Wy23qul3LEg 

And if you’re interested in using Evolution Nutrition, click here to get it: