When Problems Are Actually Opportunities

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Life is what happens when things don’t go according to plan, and this is absolutely the case in business as well. Problems will occur for every business, but what separates the most successful businesses from the ones which end up stagnating is attention to detail and the willingness to take the extra step. In this case, that means identifying the root cause of problems you encounter in your business. 


Of course in the moment your priority will be solving the problem that has arisen, but after it’s taken care of, are you just going to move on or will you take steps to address the root cause of the problem so that you can prevent it from happening again? As an example, imagine that you’ve got a customer that is complaining about not receiving a service which they thought was part of a package they’ve just purchased. It’s easy enough to fix this problem, you can explain the misunderstanding, maybe you’ll throw in that extra service as an apology for the mix-up and the customer will walk away satisfied. But it’s clear that your messaging caused some confusion and that requires some analysis. 


In this case you’ll want to revisit your past conversations and identify things you said that might have been unintentionally misleading, or take a look at your marketing materials and see if adjustments can be made to them for the sake of clarity. The temptation may be to address only the specific messaging around the item that just became a problem, but businesses that are willing to take the extra step will see this as an opportunity to revamp their copy and sales pitches. After all, one successfully converted client may have complained after the fact that they were confused by what they were told, but what about the ones who don’t speak up? It’s possible that someone who visited your website might have been confused by something they read, but instead of reaching out for clarification they walked away because they were afraid of looking stupid. By going the extra step and not just simply fixing problems as they arise, you can take your business to another level. 


At Online SuperCoach, we want to help you reframe your view of problems and see them as the opportunities for improvement that they are. By helping you identify the root causes of problems your business encounters, we can help you build a stronger foundation for long term success and growth. 

-Dennison Silvio
Online Super Coach