You Don’t Have To Dance To Use TikTok

Photo by <a href="">Jakob Owens</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>
Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash


You can’t escape the fact that TikTok has become an extremely important avenue for promoting your business. So this week we checked in with our friend Austin Armstrong from Socialtypro, a TikTok marketing agency in Alexandria, VA. Austin has some words of wisdom for fitness professionals who are trying to promote themselves on TikTok. 


For starters, he’s got some good news for the rhythmically-challenged among us: You don’t have to dance to build a following and get a lot of eyes on your videos. The key, according to Austin, is to have a firm idea in mind of the kind of person you’re trying to get in front of. This is no different than other more traditional forms of marketing. It helps to create an imaginary prospect and lay out what their needs and desires are so that you can craft content which will catch their attention. You want to understand the problems they have, and have an understanding of how those problems make them feel so that you can appeal to your target demographic from an emotional perspective, and convey to them that the services you’re offering can solve those problems. 


He offers the example of using TikTok to talk to your audience directly about the fitness mindset; for those not already entrenched in a fitness routine, a major obstacle is just getting into the habit of integrating workouts in their lifestyles. A series of videos with tips and tricks for establishing the habit of working out could be something that many people would find valuable.


You can also consider using TikTok to act out a conversation, which is a popular “format” for TikTok videos. What are some of the most common objections or questions you encounter when you speak to someone about your services? By answering them in a video like this, you can use a video to get ahead of some of the doubts a prospect might have before speaking to you, and help them enter your sales funnel readier to move ahead.


At Online SuperCoach, we can help you identify the core demographic you should pursue based upon your strengths, and also help you hone your sales skills so that you can close deals. The best part is that becoming persuasive in one-on-one conversations is a skill that transfers very well to social media content creation – you’re just talking to a camera instead of a person, which also comes with the benefit of being able to practice until you perfect your delivery. 


-Dennison Silvio


Online Super Coach