Your Online Reputation is More Important Than You Think

Photo by <a href="">Brooke Cagle</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>
Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash


Why does your online reputation matter so much these days? It comes down to the simple fact that today’s consumer is more well educated than ever before. Today’s consumer does a lot of online research before making purchases or signing up for services. So if you speak with a prospect, know for certain that they are going to Google you, look at your reviews, and try to find out what other people think of you. That last part is especially powerful and taps into the concept of social proof. An easy way of building up a positive online reputation is to ask your customers to leave reviews. Ask them to leave you a Google review, or a testimonial on your own website. Not only are reviews persuasive, they have the added benefit of providing a small boost to your SEO, making you easier to find online in the first place. 


Ideally your reviews will all be positive, but don’t be afraid of getting the occasional negative review. If you respond to a negative review in a timely fashion and handle the issue behind it, that customer may feel inclined to update their review and acknowledge that you made things right. Displaying that kind of responsiveness to your customers is a great way to show anyone that looks you up that you truly care and provide a high level of service. Assuming that many of your reviews will be positive, you can confidently encourage your prospects to go look you up and see what other people have to say about you: “Don’t just take my word for it!” Seeing that other people are happy to be working with you is frequently what will get an indecisive shopper “over the hump” and decide to sign up with you or buy your products. 


 There are many strategies for soliciting online reviews from your happy customers. As one example, you might try offering small incentives for customers who leave reviews, like a small discount off their next purchase or membership renewal. Online SuperCoach can help you with these strategies for managing your online reputation and help make sure you get excellent reviews from your happy customers.


-Dennison Silvio


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