21 day transformation

This module will teach you how to set up and Launch a 21-DAY TRANSFORMATION Program!

This will be ideal to offer as:

*A low barrier offer to serve your clients who can’t afford your high-end coaching
*A way to reactivate old clients who need a jump start for online coaching
*A down-sell offer for people you’ve spoken to, but haven’t sold your main program to
*An EASY way to make money–because I have made it COMPLETELY Done for you!

You can swipe ALL of my systems, programs, emails and opt in pages.

Just add your name and logo and it’s good for you to use!

Watch the Video (download the entire mp4 file from dropbox)
Workshop Video on Setting Up Your 21 Day Online Transformation

Then Follow the Steps Below to Get Started!

1. When someone signs up, send them an email with a registration page.

This will opt them into your 21-Day Transformation email list. Use this message:

Hey [First name]

I’m really excited to help you get back to your goal weight!
As I mentioned, we are going to start with a 3 week extreme fat loss jump start plan.
The first week is going to be a detox, and hopefully we will lose at least 5 lbs. by the end of the week.
Then after the 3 weeks we will transition into a normal nutrition plan.
To access your program click on this link here:
The program will be sent to you week by week, so you don’t get overwhelmed.

2. Use my Done-For-You Template for the 21-Day Transformation!

21 Day Transformation Template

21 Day Transformation Template & Resources (no logos, add yours)

2. Model my EMAIL Sales Process After you Set Up Your 21-Day Transformation!

[CLOSE LIKE A BOSS 2 Email Sales Script]

Here is the template that I use to close people on Email for my 21 Day Transformation Program.

The best call to ACTION to get leads is “Like this post” and I will message you with more info about my new program..

Here is what happens after they “like the post”

(Use the template, but realize it works for me and my personality, customize it for your Program)


Hey Rox

Thanks for liking my post. My new Coaching is a new 3 week extreme fat loss program that I’ve developed!

Please answer these questions as soon as you can, so I can figure out if you qualify for my next test group.

1. What was your highest and lowest weight in the past 3 months?

2. Due to your schedule, how many times a day do you eat?

3. Do you currently take any vitamins or supplements,name all that you are taking?

4. Do you have any injuries or physical limitations?

5. What beverages do you usually consume throughout the day?

6. What cardio or exercise equipment do you have at home, if any?

7. Write out your current fitness goals, as detailed as possible?


Ok here are my answers

1.Highest weight 116
Lowest 112.
2. I eat 3 meals & 2 snacks
Most eat at home
3. Fish oil pills from Vitamin world
Was taking one a day women’s multi
4. No injuries or physical limitations
I’m def not flexible
5. Beverages hot green tea w/ honey, vanilla bean naturally flavored tea, water, infused water made w/ lemon balm peppermint leaves, lemon, cucumbers, protein shakes w/ water,fruits whey Protein. If I go out either cranberry or ginger ale.
6. Cardio equipment
Treadmill, mini trampoline, bike on a trainer, jump rope, bosu ball.
7. I would like to be at weight between 100-102 lbs but toned and defined musculature, waist size 24″ w/ defined abs (like I was 2yrs ago). Lower body fat.

I want to have more strength and energy.
I def need boost to get started



Great Rox.

My new program will certainly help get you closer to 100 lbs. It will give you that much needed boost. 🙂

(notice how I use the same answers from her questionnaire)

The average person has been losing it at least 15 lbs in the 3 week cycle.

In all my years in the fitness industry,I’ve never achieved results like this!

I want to tweak this program a bit more before I launch it out to the public.

Here is an overview of my program:

It’s a super effective fat loss plan performed at home.

The testers only have to pay $97 for the entire program if they

also provide a testimonial with the Results they have achieved.

It’s a 3 week program valued at $687 with everything that a person will be getting.

That is what I’ll be charging for it after my test run.

It includes:

1 – 3 weeks of Daily Fat Loss Inferno Meal Plans, Recipes
and Full Body Workout plans to be performed at home.

2- My Leanbuddy Transformation System
Accountability Software and
Mobile App with 24/7 Coaching.

(I use leanbuddy but this is optional)

UPDATE: We are no longer using Leanbuddy, please use PT Distinction instead.

3 -Nutrition coaching and accountability Support System
To keep track of every meal.
With added checklists that you
would need to accomplish to ensure you’re consistent

4- -Before & After Pics + Measurements
(You’ll see major measurable changes towards
a new Transformed body.)

5- A Secret Forum where you get Unlimited Support and Encouragement 24/7 from other people focused on the same goals.

This will ensure that you stay motivated for the entire 21 days!

(this is just a facebook group, but secret forum sounds more sexy and valuable)

People usually lose 15-20 lbs with this program.

I’m only taking on 2 more testers, so make sure you decide and let
me know ASAP!

Here is the shopping cart for it, click here to save your spot:


Once you purchase it, send me an email and we’ll get started!


Oh all that ? Ok AJ I have to do this! I’m going to purchase first thing in morning I put on my do to list.
I’m about to go sleep

Looking forward to making fit changes for life.
Thanks so much !



This is a great program to get a ton of people into then after you add value,

UPSELL them into your Higher Ticket Coaching Program.