The Power of Joint Ventures


Listen to the Workshop First (Download mp3 on your phone): The Power of Joint Ventures (A Nuclear way to Grow your Biz)

After You Listen read the notes:

Only 3 Ways to Grow your Business:

1. Paid Traffic (Facebook ads, Bing)
2. Organic (Social Media posts, email marketing)
3. Joint Ventures (Most Powerful and Fastest!)

I Learned this from my local biz.  Went into tanning salons, Hair dressers, healthy food shops etc.

(Places where my ideal target client goes)

I Told them that many of my Followers frequent their biz so I want to promote with a video interview.

I would then Post on my blog, social media, and Have them share it.

Or I do a tour of the place by myself and post it all over my platforms.

Then I would post the video on Youtube with their business name (keywords for search engine optimization.)

And send them the link to promote to their list.  Showing me as the expert 🙂

When you do a J/V your mindset is King to King (equals) Queen to Queen

Always Start with giving hand

It is a 3 step Process:

1. Intro
2. Set up a Quick call
3. Add Massive Value

You only need 1 JV per month

Step 1.  Make a list of Your Top 20 dream partners

Step  2.  Prior to reaching to the Jv’s do your research and figure this out…

What they are working on/promoting. (Listen to podcast or recent interview,  check out their social media pages)

What are the problems of their target market?

(Be planned to do Webinar  involving your superpower)

Provide value (cheat sheet or free plan for their clients )

Coach them at a discount!

Ask them to be beta tester for referrals (ex Only charge them $500, normally charge $5000 for 1on1 coaching)

3.   Step 3: Introduction (2 part email to get them on a quick call)


Split test short friendly emails, then proceed with email 2.

Hey, good to connect.

Hey, just heard you on xxxx podcast.  What you said about… really resonated with me.

Hey, I have a question for you?  (create open loops)


Hey (first name)

You and I haven’t met yet. But we both work with (entrepreneurs) and are non-competitive.

I’ve heard good things about you.  I’d love to catch up and see if there’s any way we can help each other out?

Would you be up for that?

Get them on the phone, work on their schedule. 

Never send your online schedule, unless they ask!



(Always refer to first name )


Listen to the Workshop First (Download mp3 on your phone): The Power of Joint Ventures PART 2 (How to Connect with Influential People)

*How to connect with dream partners that will promote your online fitness program to their lists and followers!
If you have not done so, listen to Part 1 First
1. Share their latest article / episode with your followers on social media.  TAG Them.
2. Encourage your followers to follow / connect with them.  TAG them, so they notice.
3. Leave a thoughtful comment on their blog.
4. For podcasts, leave a review on iTunes
5. Ask if you can help them with anything they’re working on or any guest recommendations. (How can I support You)
6. Give a really nice giveaway to their audience (e.g. I will give your audience a free fat loss nutrition plan)
7. Invite them to be a part of your Facebook group or other community that is active.
8. Give them free products or at least a sample of your offerings.  1 MONTH of online fitness coaching.  Worth $1000, but free for them.
9. Be organized – if they ask what you do, have the perfect elevator pitch that shows your worth and how you can add value to them, (Make sure it’s specific to them)
10. Reach out and compliment them on their content, “hey loved that post you made about…” Always give, “how can I support you with getting this post out to more people, it resonates with me”
*Make sure you schedule Joint Venture connections every week.  Example, on Weds/Sat. I dont post on fb, instead I comment and like the people who I want to connect with.
*Join the groups of your ideal partners/clients and develop relationships with them there. Hunt where your targets meet
Keep a running checklist of what you choose to do from the above (or all of them and add some of your own)
 Instead of randomly doing it, pick 1 ideal dream joint venture partner and run through all 10 steps for them each week.
“If you help people get what they want, they will help you get what you want” 😉
All you need is 1 power joint venture partner a month and your life will change!