podcast workshop 1

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1. Listen to my Podcast: Online SuperCoach
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2. Get Zoom ASAP!
I am a technical dunce, so I purchased the $14.99 package and had coaching calls with them to figure out how to use it!
3. Get a PRO PODCAST MIC and stand if you don’t have one
*Make sure you get the EXACT MODELS
4. Reach out to 5 “Dream Come True Guests” to interview on the show (Here is one of the scripts I used on the workshop)
Hey xxxx,
I just read your post about xxxxx and it really resonated with me. I have a podcast called the xxxxxx and we have the worlds top xxxxx on there.
I would love to have you on for a quick 30 min interview to promote your xxxxx to my audience. Would you be up for that?
P.S I know you’re very busy, so no rush in responding back.