Marcia Miatke: Best Month at $48,000

How Marcia Miatke Had Her Best Month at $48,000.

A World Class Online Coach Focused on Women's Empowerment!

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  Marcia Miatke, the “Emotions Queen” empowers people from all walks of life from executives to stay at home moms to live their most fulfilling and authentic lives by helping them achieve their definition of success. Helping people change their lives for the better is Marcia’s passion and purpose in life.

      In  addition to transforming her life to overcome personal challenges  (i.e., adoption and drug addiction) to build her career and business  – she is a fully certified coach (Quantum Success Coaching Academy USA). Marcia has a certification in Leading with Emotional Intelligence (Case Western University USA) and 4 years of research experience (University of Western Australia) in leadership, emotional intelligence and commitment to change.

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