7 day video series

1. Listen to the Workshop: 7 Day Video Series

2. Download: 7 Day Video Series Script

Use this as your CTA on Video 3 up to Video 7:

  • Like this post and I’ll message you with more information about the program.

For each private message, comment and like you get follow the steps below.

Keep in mind the goal is to get them on a 10 min call (turbo coaching session).

If they are a good fit, warm them up and set up a strategy sales call!

1. Respond to PMs. Reach out to people that liked or commented the video.

  • Hey thanks for commenting on my video, good to connect.

2. Talk about their goals. Get them excited. What is their ideal vision?

3. What problems are holding them back? Challenges, struggles.

4. Make a promise that you can help. Book a 10 min call aka Turbo coaching session.

5. Follow the 10 min call script in the Warming Up Leads Before the Sale Module.