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The Art of the Hustle: How To Get Clients Using Free Marketing

1. Listen: Free Marketing Strategies That Make You Money Fast

2. Get the 10X Rule Grant Cardone Audiobook. I listen to it every few months.

3. Connect with EVERYONE you are connected with on Facebook, linkedin , instagram, twitter etc.

Most money I’ve ever made in 1 week, all with free marketing!

You have to create Momentum!

Connection = Conversions = Conversions

Always send a first email to connect.


  • I really like that post….
  • What are you doing for your fitness?
  • What nutrition plan do you follow?

Then go into “Super Sales Script”

Pain Questions

  • Cool, I would like to discuss your fitness goals in detail, let’s jump on a quick 10 min call. When are you available? 🙂

For your email list or leads you have not spoken to yet, send 9 word email:

Subject line: Hey 😉

  • Email 1: Are you still looking to lose weight?
  • Email 2: Do you want to gain muscle or lose weight?
  • Email 3: What are you currently struggling with?

On Social Media (get prospects to raise hands)

Make these posts as a status update or instagram pics:

  • What do you struggle with when it comes to losing weight?
  • What is your favorite healthy snack?
  • Do you like exercising?

Add value:

  • Hey are you into fitness?
  • Cool, what are your goals?

After comfort is built then put them through a 10 min call script

Before & After (FB Beta Tester Strategy)

Here are the posts I created that made me Thousands in Online Fitness Coaching!

Post 1

I usually don’t post nude pics of myself but I wanted to show you how ripped I’m getting on my new fat loss program! I have fat boy genes and this is the leanest I’ve been without starving myself or doing hours of cardio. Some of my clients are on it and their transformation pics will blow your mind!

If you’re interested in being a guinea pig hit me up! You can follow it even if you live outside of NY. I’m taking on a few more testers to prove that my formula works on ANYONE!

Post 2

Now I don’t usually post selfies, but I’m down 11 lbs from a new fat loss program I’ve been testing. Some of my clients are on it as well. Every single one of them has lost weight over the past few weeks!

I’m looking for more people to test it with b4 I launch it, so if you’re interested in being a guinea pig hit me up! This program is crazyyy

Eli Wilhilde: Do You Want To Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life?

For each response, email this 1  by 1

Hey (name), thanks for reaching out to me for my new fat loss program.

To see if you are good fit as a tester, answer these questions as soon as you can:

1. What is your current weight and goal weight?

2. What are you struggling with?

3. Write your fitness goals in detail?

4. Where does most of your stress come from?

2. When they answer the email back, send this.

Hey I just looked over your answers and you are the perfect fit for my new program. It’s certainly going help you lose (subtract goal weight/current) 20 lbs and also (whatever they are struggling with).

This is an exclusive and high end program that I am testing out and the results are amazing. I just need you to provide your transformation as a testimonial for when I launch the program in full.

Keep in mind when you get results it will show how effective my system, so as long as we agree that you will be my success story?

After they agree, set up a 10 min call with them!

Put them through the 10 min call script, then read this before you get off the phone with them:

This program is not free, there is a investment required. In the past when I did this program for free people did not take it seriously.

You know how it is , if you don’t pay- you don’t pay attention.

When you have skin in the game you are going to work harder and have a bigger transformation.

Since you are providing me with a testimonial, you will be given a significant discount.

So if you are serious and are willing to invest in your health, we can move forward and I can set up another call to discuss the details, cool?